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If your business, golf Club or golf business needs to:

► Find new annuity income through re-development initaitives.

​► Generate increased branding revenues.

► Put services and products in front of the golf community effectively.

► Develop a new marketing, events or promotional strategies.

► 'Refresh' the Club membership offering or develop new membership categories.

► Upgrade existing operational procedures.

.........The Business of Golf can help you to put together the pieces of an effective solution which will be as original as the needs of your business.
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The Business of Golf:

Gridlock and Golf

In the early 1990’s and with the imminent arrival of what is now the not so ‘new South Africa’, several friends in Europe asked me “are there going to be any issues for South Africa in March 1994?”

“There will be no worries with the one man vote” I replied “but one man, one car is probably going to kill us all stone dead!”

A recent trip into the Sandton area of Johannesburg took 40 minutes for me to drive from Hartbeespoort to Fourways Mall and then a further 55 minutes to get to the Bryanston Country Club. For those of you who are not lucky enough to live in Gauteng, according to Bing maps, the distance from Hartbeespoort to Fourways is 42.7 kms and from there to Bryanston CC is 5.8 kms – so I rest my case!.... Click here for full article

In this section we conclude our discussion Eddie Bullock on 'first impressions';

I have seen really good managers on a technical level brought to their knees having to communicate and deal with staff issues and yet while Clubs and facilities often spend hundred of thousands of rands, pounds and OR dollars on capital improvements, course upgrades, turf equipment, etc. often very little expenditure is channelled into programmes to up-skill the staff.

With staff and service levels we often seem to be stuck in a ‘time warp’ where the facility is all ‘shiny and new’, but the activities, services and approach to delivering an experience commensurate to the physical quality of the environment and the ‘new golf age’ we are now in is quite simple antiquated and based very firmly in the past.

Eddie Bullock - 

It can be disillusioning to find so many golf operations in the United Kingdom for example, from where the game evolved, falling short in changing attitudes to make the game more desirable for the next generation. As their expectations are totally different to those encased in the 1970s/80s capsule, clubs do need to adapt, as the environment shifts and develops – regardless of individual club culture.

There is some good news in all of this and it is the recent rise of the professional club manager, which suggests that increasing and differing management and leadership skills are high on the agenda for effective management for the future...Click here for the full article.
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Chapter 7 

The Backswing  part 2 – “Turn your swing on”.
We continue our work on the backswing with Garrick Barnard who is the head coaching professional at Houghton Golf Club Estate in Johannesburg.

Even with the correct ‘imaging’ (your film star from part 1!), there would appear to be two other problem areas associated with the backswing and most peoples’ inability to effect this relatively simple movement.

The first is the actual physical requirement of the movement itself and then the general lack of conditioning that an increasingly sedentary lifestyle has forced upon most of us.

In helping to address the problems associated with ‘conditioning’ the following simple exercises will keep the big muscles of the upper body loose and more capable of turning your swing on, especially when you fail to have time to warm up (again!) before your next round....Click here for the full article.


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John is a fully qualified golf professional and has worked on a number of very successful golf event and golf estate projects.

With this background he brings a broad range of promotional, marketing, event managment skills and experience to any project.

The mix of skills is essential as, outside of the input of established operational processes and procedures, each solution developed by The Business of Golf is tailor made and as unique as the needs of each individual client.

News & Comment:

All play and no work!

Have we become slaves to the work ethic?

Does good old fashioned hard graft actually offer any guarantee of satisfaction? In a similar vein is making money or being successful in business now seen as anything other than a passing phase, and of little value as a lasting measure of achievement?

These questions are not new. They have perhaps become slightly more poignant when looked at in the context of the past two decades or so and when through a part of this era conspicuous consumption was the order of the day.

This was indeed a heady time. A time when you could have your cake, eat it and have a slice of someone else’s too. An era when you could buy a second home, a vacation timeshare, a new car and a motor cruiser all through finance from almost any bank and based on just a merest sniff of equity in any real estate that had your name on it. It was an era in which a twelve year old could buy a block of apartments when they didn’t have the cash or assets to buy one single apartment outright, celebrities sprung up overnight, sports stars and fashion models’ salaries burgeoned exponentially and people became famous for shopping!

Just when you might have wanted to give up there is a glimmer of hope through this little yarn which has been in circulation, in various forms, since just after the end of World War Two and which has become like a very elongated version of Chinese whispers....Click here for the full article.

Could the game of golf be a lot more popular if it was half as long?


This has been a question which I have asked myself many times and a recent tale from a friend about a near 6 hour round of golf got me thinking again about the whole question of how long it takes to play a game of golf over 18 holes.

The following extract is from the website of the British Golf Museum:

‘There is no specific date for when 18 holes became the standard number of holes on a course. In 1858, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club issued new rules for its members; Rule 1 stated: “one round of the Links or 18 holes is reckoned a match unless otherwise stipulated”.

Clubs were not expected to follow this example, but by the 1870s, with more and more clubs looking to the R&A for advice, a round of golf was increasingly accepted as consisting of 18 holes.

The great Bob Jones said “

"So although the 18 holes standard is now well established, historically speaking it is a relatively recent ‘norm’."

I can remember in my youth playing up to 54 holes in a day, so even allowing for an ‘ailing physique’ I did a quick trawl through an inventory of possible reasons why a round of 18 holes of golf can now take so long to play and three key elements seem to be:......
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